Lemon Tree + names

These past couple of weeks I have been listening to the book Lemon Tree. I mistakenly reserved the audio version online from the Library, so I have been listening to it in my car while I drive places.

It’s been evoking so many feelings ranging from hate, joy, fear, hopelessness and profound sadness and has been extremely informational. Not just about the history of Palestine and the people but also about how I got my name.

When I was younger, I believe I asked my mom how I got my name. She said that my dad was at a conference when I was born. My dad and the people who were at the conference chose my name. It was going to be between Samar and Katyusha. Obviously, Samar won out.

Later on, a man who was at the conference came to visit Jordan and when he saw me he mentioned the whole naming thing. He did say that he had both a Samar and a Katyusha.

So, this brings me back to the book. As I was driving along the road the other day, minding my own business, I heard a part that made me laugh out loud. (I realize this isn’t a laughing matter, but it’s just ironic.) Apparently, Katyusha rockets were used by Palestinians in the early 1980’s during the first intifada.

I was born in 1985.

I’m glad my name isn’t Katyusha. I think I would have to go through a lot more security checks than I do now AND my mom wouldn’t know how to pronounce my name correctly.

I do like my name, it means staying up all night and talking. I think it’s much better than being named after a rocket.


How did you get your name?

4 thoughts on “Lemon Tree + names

  1. my Mom told me that she had a dream where she told to name me that , its her story , but I guess my name is a must in most of Arab houses so you rarely see a family with no Mohammad in it , but I love my mom’s story it might mean am blessed 🙂

  2. You’re so lucky that you have such a unicultural name!

    I was basically named after a historical figure known for her courage and bravery so that I may take on some of her attributes.

    Speaking of Lemon Tree the book, is the movie at all based on the book? That was such a horrible movie!

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