Count your blessings

My mom always used to tell me this when I was younger. Whenever I would complain that life isn’t fair or what not. She would make me list them and it just made me think twice about my life and the blessings that I have.

So, I said this to a friend of mine. Write down 10 things that you are blessed with because sometimes we forget to remember the good and focus on the bad.

In order to show that it can be done, I have decided to count my blessings..well, at least 10 of them!

1. Faith in Allah. (God)

2. My health.

3. My car.

4. Friends and family who care.

5. Sarcasm.

6. Movies.

7. Netflixs.

8. Books.

9. Photography.

10. Shoes.

These are in no particular order…just the way they came to me.

What are you blessed with?

6 thoughts on “Count your blessings

  1. I always do! 🙂
    Me not gonna list mine! Lool
    But seriously we should always remember what our purpose/mission is on this Earth, and focus on what Allah has offered us NOT what we r withhold.

    I`d say that my blessings are:
    1) Islam
    3)My empathy “I hope!”
    4)My daughter Hiyam “joyment of my life” 🙂
    5)to be continued hopefully …. 😛

    hmmmmmmmm,,,, sarcasm? ,,,, how-so 😉 ,, we need/demand examples how this is a blessing please

    1. Ameen ya rab!

      I like your list 🙂

      Because Sarcasm makes the world go! I will give you one example. A couple of years ago, I was working with a summer camp and one of the girls said “I know how to make eggs!” I replied: “That is quite an accomplishment” My tone was dripping with sarcasm but the girl didn’t get it. The person who was running the camp did and just busted out laughing! It was awesome!

  2. lets see
    First one is being a Muslim
    2 My Mother
    3 Friends
    4 Good Health
    5 There is always Food on the table
    6 having a Job which is by the way is one of the easiest of my list of jobs
    7 my camera
    8 My funny side
    9 my stamped passport
    10 being able to read and replay to your post , which is a big deal for me 😉

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