Dear Nick

This past weekend, I was visiting with family and friends and we were discussing facebook. One of my uncles neighbors was telling me how she checked in on us “kids”. Mind you, we are all in our 20s. It’s sweet to know someone checks in on me. Anywho, she was saying how she knew I was alive by my blog posts and my aunt chimed in that my cousin, who is 11, also reads them!

Which leads me to dedicate this blog post to him 🙂

Nick is a little guy who is so full of life and energy! I enjoy getting to know him and watching him grown.

Nick loves Halloween and fireworks. He is constantly putting on performances for us. This 4th of July was no exception!

Fireworks show

He agreed to be my model!

 Nick has agreed to be my model in many of my impromptu photo shoots. Thanks Cousin 🙂

Memorial Day Weekend

This last picture is from when they came to visit me.



Your cousin

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