Another ending

June 30th will be my last day at my full-time job. It was a short term contract and after much thought I have decided that I don’t want to extend it. I’m a little crazy to leave this (I’m sure you have realized this by now) but I don’t think I will regret it.

Not only the job but I think my story is ending in this city. I have made some amazing friends, learned and loved a lot. I have said good-bye to 3 of my close friends who have left the state to do bigger and better things. I’m extremely happy for them and their new adventures and I wish them the best! I also can’t wait to visit them 🙂

And tonight I was saying good-bye to a close work friend who is moving to a different part of the state. We had fun just laughing, sharing and of course enjoying a meal together.

I know I will miss these moments with my friends but I also know that I will see them again.

It’s just amazing how things change, people change, and life changes.

I can’t wait to see what next will change! (Hopefully for the better, of course!)


6 thoughts on “Another ending

  1. New beginnings 🙂

    Such is life ,,

    & btw, yes! we know… u r nuts 😛


  2. The harsh reality which seems you already experienced is that the older we get the bigger the distance between us and our close friends.
    The good news is Facebook solved part of the problem. We know where each one is and what he/she is doing. We notify others when someone get married, have a new job or has a new baby. It is the best way to keep in touch.
    Good luck with your new adventure. Insh’Allah for the best.

    1. Yes, you are very right. Alhamdullah, we have email, facebook and other things that help us keep in touch. It’s a good thing!

      We are becoming more worldly, it’s just time to accept the reality!

      Ameen ya rab!

  3. You will also be moving on to better things! I know what you mean about looking forward to visiting your friends. My best friend just got her dream job and I’m so excited to visit her! I told her I’m just going to keep a weekend bag at her place permanently.

    Good luck with everything!

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