Family Fun

My Mom, Aunt and Cousin came to visit me a couple of weeks ago. I haven’t been home in a while and it was nice to see them. I crammed all of them in my tiny apartment, it was a tad tight! We made it work 🙂

Left to right: Cousin N., Aunt, Mom and Me!

It was a bit rainy for the weekend (Typical) but we had fun. We got to hang out at the farmers market, renaissance fair and some other things.

Jousting Demonstration

etch a sketch!

We went into an antique store and this is what they had in there! Made me feel old, because we had one when I was a kid.

We took a walk along this bridge that has been recently completed. It’s pretty cool!

Lost to the current

It was nice to hang out with my family. My cousin can be a fun little guy, he is curious about so many things and it’s fun to watch him grow.

My Mom and Aunt also got me hooked on word feud (It’s an app you can download and play scrabble with people on your phone or ipod) and they are kicking my rear end. I’m no good at scrabble.


or find a better way to cheat. 😀

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