Farmers Market with a side of Doctor assisted suicide

This past weekend, I was at my local farmers market. I love going to the farmers market to get fresh produce, pastries, homemade ice-cream, crab ragoons and now information about assisted suicide.

I was walking around, trying to get some tomatoes and I saw this booth “Doctor Assisted Suicide”
I didn’t stop to get more information but I thought it was interesting that they would have a booth at the farmers market.

I have actually done some research about the issue and I still can’t understand it.

It reminds me of the story of a man who was very pious and he had went through some difficulties. He lost his family, wealth and health. He still continued to pray and believe in god. He kept on believing and praying even after bugs were eating away at his skin.

He made the choice to take his lot in life and deal with it the best way he could but not all of us would make that choice.

I just don’t know if suicide would be the best way to do it but I have never been in their shoes.

Do I have the answers? No, I don’t.

I’m sure you are now wondering how I could turn a trip to the farmers market into a post…I do wonder that myself!

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