I recently read this article about a young Muslim Turkish actress from Germany posed for Playboy.

She claims that “For me, these pictures are an act of liberation from the cultural constraints of my childhood,” says Sahin. “I have tried to please everybody for too long. With these images I want to show young Turkish women that it is O.K. to live the way they are, that it is not cheap to show skin, that you should pursue your goals instead of bowing down to others.”

I find it frustrating that people taking off their clothes are liberated but people who choose to keep them on are oppressed?

Couldn’t she have found another way to be liberated? How about build schools to educate woman? Or How about learning more about your religion and becoming a scholar? Or how about just not taking your clothes off?



4 thoughts on “Liberation

  1. I can’t find the date when taking off cloths became “Art”… Maybe this actress would be smart enough to let us know..

    It’s normal and natural to hide precious possessions, not just to humans, animals tend to hide what they value in their nests or buried under ground.. showing off her body only means one thing: it’s not that precious… This has nothing to do with liberty… it has everything to do with self-esteem and how much we value ourselves

  2. I don’t know either.

    I understand what you are saying, our bodies are something that is precious and shouldn’t be on display 24 hours a day.

    Thanks for commenting!

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