The other night, I decided to make some chili for some friends. I love chili. I didn’t love chili until I tried it at my Aunt D’s house a couple of years ago. She doesn’t make chili often and when she does, it’s a huge production!

So, I tried the chili and loved it. I didn’t expect to, but it happened. I have been trying to re-create that chili even since I tried it to no avail. I might just have to accept that it’s a moment and you can’t recreate moments like that.

I was telling my family in Jordan about my love for chili and my aunt asked me how to make it. The next time I went to their house, she had bought all the ingredients and had me make it. It was a sweet gesture but it just didn’t taste the same. Different from the one my Aunt D. made and what I had made in the US.

Getting back to tonight, I was cutting onions and crying…because that is what happens when you cut onions (At least me)…Cursing myself for making something with onions in it and cursing my love for chili that has caused this onset of tears. Then, I thought about ways to help with the horrible smell that makes me cry and remembered that I should put goggles on!

Why goggles? When I was younger and watched my mom cut onions and cry…I tried to solve her dilemma and how would a 10-year-old do that? Get goggles!

It was a shield, it protected her eyes from the goggles, I believe she tried to explain to me that it had nothing to do with seeing them but smelling them…So, I got another set of goggles and these covered the nose as well. TA-DA! Problem solved.

If only I had goggles to solve my dilemma the other night.


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