Walking around downtown with my camera.

Today was a beautiful day, a tad windy, but BEAUTIFUL! I love the changing seasons. My allergies, don’t.

So, I decided to stroll around downtown with my camera!

Taken in the Sky Walk

The Sky Walk connects most of the buildings downtown, including the one I live in! How cool is that?

I thought this was cool. They are donating different food items and they made cool things! Can You guess what is this?

I love that they are restoring this old building. I think it was a library at one point.

This is as far as I got on the bridge. I was a little scared. Fear of heights and all…and the bridge was creaky!

I think the FIRE PROOF part is important because…

Does that look like fire damage to you?

I love the little tassels, and the color blue.

The State Capitol

Yes, that is gold leaf.

The Old meets the New.


Enjoy 🙂


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