Re-Discover Reading

I have always loved reading. I have been reading since a child. It’s something my mom instilled into me at a young age. She used to take us to the library and I would always come home with a large stack of books. I don’t remember reading all of them…but it was a large stack! Isn’t that all that matters to a 5 year old anyways?

My reading habit continued throughout my childhood, teenage years and now adulthood. I am always reading something.

I like to read things that expand my horizon, take me to new places and learn new words, styles of writing and expand my imagination.

Since I have been back in the US, I have really re-discovered my love of reading…It’s easier to get books here and cheaper habit to sustain. I did read quite a bit in Jordan but I think I have devoured more books since being back than my whole year in Jordan.

I do read a lot of fiction but I would like to expand my non-fiction reading…So, I am taking suggestions!

What do you like to read? Any recommendations?


10 thoughts on “Re-Discover Reading

  1. Happy rereading mania 🙂

    I like to read bwt management books “boooring!” 😛
    + novels.

    Currently on my dest: Dorian Gray – Oscar Wilde

    1. Thanks 🙂

      Yes, management…booooring! Haha, I’m kidding. 🙂

      I have seen a play with Oscar Wilde and it turned me off towards him. I just haven’t been able to pick up anything by him. :/

  2. Nonfiction is too broad a term 🙂 anyways, I will suggest that you get as far as possible from any self help books, these are a systematized form of charlatanism.

    It is better to waste time jumping from a book to another at the bookshop before deciding, but for a starter I will suggest the “very short introduction series” ( They kind of melt away between your hands, 100 pages in average, but I can’t really describe to you how valuable these books are!

    1. I know it is! I don’t do self-help books. I have never gotten into them…I do like biographies and what not.

      Hmm, I will have to look into that! That is an awesome suggestion! I appreciate it 🙂

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