Friday Night Monologues: Coupling

As I am sitting here watching DVD’s…I have come to the realization that all my friends are coupled. They are dating or married to someone. I know I have some single friends, but not people I talk to on a regular basis. I have become the 5th wheel, odd one out, 3rd wheel, a loner or call it what you will.

I’m the single girl.

Why have I come to this realization now? I’m not sure…Maybe because I’m sitting here alone in my apartment watching Gilmore Girls. Or because I went to baby shower and most of the people there were married. Or because my close friends are all coupled. Or maybe because it’s late and thoughts are running around in my head. Or maybe because it’s reality and sometime reality hits you hard on a Friday night when you are alone in your apartment watching Gilmore Girls. Or maybe it’s all of the above.

This doesn’t bother me, except a little. More like a lot. It’s not the alone thing that bothers me, it’s the way people see me that bothers me.  It’s like I’m not complete without a guy. I am complete. Really, I am. I just find that people try to set me up….with all the wrong guys.

Maybe I should just accept the fact that they care and want to see me as happy as they are? Or maybe they are just sick of watching me alone? Or maybe that feel sorry for me? I don’t think I illicit sorrowful feelings, but maybe I do.

Maybe I will be the old Aunt who never got married but has all these cool stories about her travels. Or maybe I will be the Crazy Aunt who has tons of cats and force feeds her nieces and nephews cake. Or maybe I will be the Aunt who does great work for her community but is just single and we try to avoid her because being single might rub off.

You would think that being a couple would rub off, but it doesn’t. A lot of my friends have been married for over 2 years and me? Nothing. Not nothing, more like nothing good.

Maybe, just maybe I am too picky. Here is the bigger question, Why settle? Why should I marry someone who is not Mr. Right but Mr. Right Now. I think I will become crazy Aunt who has tons of cats before I become divorced Aunt.

I think becoming 26 is getting to me. I should have been married.

Maybe I will just settle.

Nah, I think I will just be the crazy Aunt who has tons of cats.


8 thoughts on “Friday Night Monologues: Coupling

  1. Samar,

    That was a funny post 🙂

    Anyways, do you think that you are right enough to search for Mr. Right? I thought that getting coupled was a matter of compromising, or is it not?

    The second point that I have to mention here is, are you searching for that Mr. Right serendipitously enough, both in method and mentality? Serendipity is the major engine of change in our lives you know. But that doesn’t mean you should cast aside what you are wishing for your future; just compare what you want, with what life is offering you, and do the “right” decision 🙂

    1. Haitham,

      I’m glad you got the funny 🙂 It was meant to be funny!

      I think what I meant was Mr. right for me…because I’m not right enough.

      You know, I’m not sure. I think I’m half trying but not really putting much effort. I’m not sure what I want and not sure where I will be in the next 6 months…So, we shall see!

  2. Enjoy the moment, you’re currently single so enjoy yourself because the day will come for you to get married inshallah 🙂 Marriage is a blessing and believe me there’s no such thing as Mr.Right, so don’t wait for him! I got married @ 26 and my first year hasn’t finished yet:) so (3o2balek ).

  3. jad loool
    I`m picturing u while reading this.. DVD’s , remembering the baby shower, feeling semi-pitty bwt yrself ,,, loool

    26 is … well 26! What do u want us to say more

    3ammo Mr right is there, timing is all what there is 🙂


    1. Haha, I’m glad you enjoyed it…It wasn’t a pity party….Maybe a little 😛 I wrote it in a matter of minutes and believe me…all these thoughts were swirling around in my head.

      Yes, 26 is 26…I’m not too worried about the age thing. I just think it will happen when it happens.

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