Where are you?

I’m feeling a little disconnected lately, I haven’t hooked up the internet to my apartment yet. I am waiting till next month because I’m going to be going to Jordan this month for my brothers engagement and the weekend after I get back to the US, I’m heading to a conference about Palestine in Washington D.C.

I have also been really busy with work and the other activities that I am involved in. So, it seems pointless to hook it up until I am settled…but I just feel so out of the loop! I miss reading peoples blogs and staying up to date. I am also so behind on my facebook updates…I am not as up to date on the Egypt stuff as I would like to be as well.  It’s so amazing how much the internet plays a role in our lives.

I can say that things have been going well, just busy. I got sucked back into all of the activities that I used to do before I left for Jordan and it feels great to be involved again. I’m enjoying it.

Oh, the places you will go.



2 thoughts on “Where are you?

  1. Busy is good 🙂 – has some consequences but all in all good

    mabrook 4 yr brother (or did u mean brotherS?) 🙂

    u will catch up, will cost u some sleep, that`s all 🙂

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