Moving + Planning = doesn’t work.

So, now that I have decided to stay in the US and have successfully found a job. I have to move for said job. I’m not moving across the country or to a new town but my old stomping grounds and actually into my old building. (Not the same floor or apt) Now begins the search for furniture, trying to find the things I left here with my mom and finding a day to move.

It’s been difficult.

Some things are falling into place and some aren’t. When I’m about to give up and just say…I’m done. BOOM! Something good happens and I have to say Alhamdullah over and over again.

I’m a planner and some things just can’t be planned but I try 🙂

I have tried to stop making plans, but I can’t. I’m a planner…My family knows this and so do my friends. I had a friend visiting me once and I made a schedule for the weekend…with times and everything. I emailed this to her along with very detailed directions…it was fun.

Here is the agenda:

Agenda for the weekend
Friday Aug. 13th
2:00 – 3:00 Tara Arrives!!
4:00 – 10:00 Time Travelers wife and dinner (Tara and Samar)
10:00 – whenever – Hang out at my we want to do…or we could go roaming around the’s open till 2am
Sat. 9am – 11am Farmers Market, and downtown
12pm – 1pm Lunch – Whereever we want to go! (I will think of something very local and take you there!)
1pm – 4pm – Bookstore 🙂 Half- price baby!
5pm – 8pm  State Fair!!!!!!
8pm – whenever – Whatever we decide!
8am – 10am Breakfast..I make some amazing pancakes 🙂
11am – 12pm Lunch
12pm – whenever..we can do whatever we want!
It was an epic weekend because it was nicely planned out, of course!
Now, I just wish my moving will be oh so nicely planned.

8 thoughts on “Moving + Planning = doesn’t work.

  1. Leaving Jordan 😦
    No more Kenafeh or Shawerma? Are you sure? Just kidding.
    May Allah make it easy on you where ever you decide to live and work.

    1. Yes, it’s bittersweet. I just don’t know if Jordan is where I want to be right now. I wish it would have worked out differently but it didn’t. I love Jordan and hope to make it my home again, someday.

      Ah, don’t remind me! Some of my favorite things! Love that stuff! I am going back soon…So, I plan on loading up! Big time!

      Ameen, Ya Rab and same to you when you finish your PhD.

  2. Good luck with your move. It’s good that everything works out eventually. You’re still gonna plan, of course ;), but what matters is that it’s all fine in the end. At least you’re moving to your old city.

    Love the agenda :). Did you actually stick to it?

    Wish you all the best.

    1. Thanks! I think it will work out and yes…I shall plan! I think it’s an advantage to move to my old city and be involved in some great things that are happening.

      We did stick to it! I think I said something in the email like “YOU WILL HAVE FUN” I think we both took it to heart.

      Thanks, same to you!

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