Comfort Zone

Our cat, no name yet. has taken up residence on my legs recently. I usually sit on the chase while watching TV, reading a book or browsing the internet. Well, whenever I am on the said chase the cat takes up residences either on my legs or near them…S/he (I’m not sure) just seems to like me because I’m the only one she will do this to…which has worked out to my advantage because she keeps my feet warm. It’s sweet but a little annoying because this cat can sleep! I always feel bad waking the cat up to move, adjust or leave.

Which reminds me of a story I heard about the Sahaba, Abu Hurayrah which translate to father of kittens (rough translation) and he loved cats so much that one time a cat was sleeping on his thob (long coat, again rough translation) and instead of waking up the cat, he cut the part of his thob that the cat was sleeping on as not to disturb the cat.

Just a reminder to be kind to animals and learn from our forefathers…and then I wonder why people forget these things.


12 thoughts on “Comfort Zone

  1. I hate cats! opppps ,,,, That`s not a good way to start! ,,
    let me start over,,

    I hate cats VERY MUCH!

    I just have baaaaad experiences with`em 😦


  2. Hmmmm
    You judge!: “I was heading to work during a cold cooooold day “5 AM”, I started a car, and a beast jumped at me from behind! Longest 15 seconds of my life 😀 “my bro forgot to close the window and a cat jumped in!”

    I was 25, can`t get over it yet! (I have many other scary exp.s too) lool


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