Good News trumps Bad News

This weekend started with a bang. Not literally.

After careful thought and consideration, I have decided to stay in the US. I think I made this decision months ago, but after being here for a week it was pretty rock solid. My reasons are shallow and deep and I will miss Jordan. I already do but I just know that right now I need to be in the US.

That being said.

I have good news! Ever since I made this epic decision, I have been applying for jobs like a mad woman! I am no good sitting at home, no good at all.

My hard work has paid off! I have gotten a job with my old company that I worked for before I left the states. For my full-time job, I will be educating the community about Alcohol, drugs and tobacco. I am a certified substance abuse prevention specialist after all! I’m excited to go back to my old job with new skills and a new outlook on things. I think it will be a completely different experience this time around.


My job is out of state, I will be moving back to my old stomping grounds in Corn Land. Scandalous! A Muslim, Arab girl living alone!??! who would have thunk! Oh the scandal I shall cause! Again!

Here is the kicker.

My family trusts me to make the right decision. They don’t agree but they will support me because I’m stubborn in a I-know-what-is-best-for-me way. Not a bad thing, but also not a good thing.

So, this coming week I shall be heading to corn land to find an apartment…I love apartment hunting, I usually find some awesome places to live (If I do say so myself). I just hate the moving. My mom and I have become experts at moving, though. In the 2 and half year period after college, I moved to 5 different places. A LOT of moving!

Hello, New Adventure.

Please be kind.

8 thoughts on “Good News trumps Bad News

  1. Sub7an Allah, He makes the way straight before you, I prayed for you and felt the US was the way to go (although my biases lean that way, ta3baan)

    I think you made the right decision, and I am proud of your family.

    I can’t believe you will be in Corn Land, and I am in Desert Land. God has a funny sense of humor.

    1. Yes, SubhanAllah! It’s amazing how things work out? I agree.. God does have a funny sense of humor.

      I think so, too. I just know that both places will be around…and I can go back again. So, someday 🙂

      And thank you for your prayers, it means a lot to me.

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