We see signs everyday. On our rides to work, school, to and from friends homes and our home. Signs that tell us to stop, yield, slow down and buckle up.

Those are the obvious signs, but what about the signs our body, heart, soul and mind send us? Do we pay attention? Do we listen? Do we even care?

I have been getting a lot of signs from my soul and mind lately…and they would like some attention. Have I given it to them? No, not really…Am I trying? Maybe.

Sometimes the signs are far away and blurry, we can’t really read them or just don’t want to get too close but then the sign just keeps on nagging and nagging and we have to get just a little closer.

Just enough to see the sign. Read it but not get too close.








Then we get close enough to touch it, really absorb the message but it’s just the beginning. It’s not the only message that we must read, see, touch.





This sign leads us to another sign…it’s the never ending song, it goes on and on and on.

This sign is a little messier, more colorful, but this one is more confusing. Do you just stop? Do you continue? Do you ignore the signs completely and just go on?

When you reach that last sign, you wasn’t that bad. It wasn’t the end of the world. It was in my best interest…

All these signs were there to keep you safe, and ease your way into the final sign. The final destination.

The end of the road…..

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