Snow, but with my fancy new camera.

My mom, oh so generous lady that she is, got me a new camera for Eid/Xmas. It’s pretty 🙂

So, I have taken a couple of pictures with it and since snow is pretty dominant around these parts…I decided to showcase some of my snow pictures.

The pictures are taken with a Canon T1i and a EF – S  18 – 55mm lens.

This is the view from the front door.
My mom hung ornaments on the tree.

Back deck and our outdoor - indoor cat, who doesn't have a name.
My poor car covered in snow and this is after I had cleaned it off!
I love the red against the white.

Yep, that is the giant bean in Chicago.

Fancy new camera makes the snow so much more bearable…in my opinion.

Oh, and any names for the cat? Mind you, we have had this cat for a couple of years now but it has remained nameless.


6 thoughts on “Snow, but with my fancy new camera.

  1. If a camera can take pictures at night that good it should be a good camera. Mabrookeh 3aleky. You didn’t say if your cat is a he or she to suggest a name. For some reason in Jordan and Syria many called their cat “3antar.” 🙂

  2. samar has a new cam. ,,, okkkkkkkkkkkk

    “happy now, wasn`t THAT the real reason behind this post” 😉 🙂

    nice pics.


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