It’s the little things, really.

These past couple of weeks at home have been awesome. I love being able to spend time with family and friends. It has been such a blessing. I never realized how much I loved it until I was gone…and I’m trying to suck as much enjoyment out of it as I can!

There are a couple of things that I have been enjoying lately and I have decided to list them.

1. The fact that I can drive my car again and it smells the same as it did the day I bought it 6 years ago, peppermint. (Yum!)

2. Having friends who GET my sarcasm and spending time with said friends.

3. Over Anaylizing with my best friend.

4. Spending time with my brother while he is going through this change.

5. Spending time with my mom.

6. Buying shoes and pants that fit.

7. Dunkin’ Donuts.

8. Sour cream.

Not in this order, per say.

Yeah, it’s the little things.

What are things you enjoy about home?


6 thoughts on “It’s the little things, really.

  1. Dunkin’ Donuts and Sour cream are two things I am sure I will never miss when I go back home. I am more of Kunafah and Labneh kind of guy 🙂
    The most I miss are the family gatherings. And yes the food.

    1. That is sad…I love sour cream 🙂 Oh, I love my Kunafah, too!

      Yes, family gatherings are one of the things I missed the most when I was in Jordan but now I miss my family in Jordan. Never ending cycle of missing people!

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