The tables have been turned

The tables have been turned in our house. I am usually the one who is fielding marriage inquiries and questioning but now my brother is in the hot seat! I love it!

My brother is 2 years older than I am. So, it’s about time he gets engaged and settles down.

I love watching him go through the motions of it all…I get an insight into the world of the guy and what they go through…lots of insight to be had. It’s interesting to see the constant questioning and planning that is going on. We are looking at houses, vacation spots, time off and gifts. It’s a wonderful time.

I being the younger sister must do what younger sisters do best…be annoying…along with giving girl advice. So, I have resorted to the “I love you” in a very drawn out annoying gone with the wind voice.

I cherish these moments.

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