Has anyone else noticed that it’s snowing on WordPress? I find it very amusing and it makes me miss the US. I love watching the snow fall, I always feel like the world becomes silent when it snows. It just is peaceful.

I just got into the US yesterday, after spending a year in Jordan. I got to see the snow first hand. It was so beautiful to see from the plane and now as I sit here at 3:30 am outside my window. 

Hello, Jet Lag.

It’s also nice to see my family, but overwhelming because I want to hug, kiss, and tell them everything that I have been keeping inside for the past year. All the stories that they would get, my discoveries  in Jordan and just mundane everyday life things that can’t be written or spoken over the phone. I also have been fielding phone calls from friends who are just as excited as my family to have me in the US and I find it hard to talk to them…I’m used to IM’ing, emailing and skyping with them but now I’m here and they are here and it’s amazing.

I’m truly blessed to be surrounded by these amazing people. I am also blessed to have a family in Jordan who supports me, no matter what.


10 thoughts on “Snow

  1. I`m not THAT much of a fan of snow/winter but it`s nice 🙂 ,, and yes! I have noticed that .

    Hope u`ll have a wonderful time amongst family. Those r priceless times, enjOy them to the max.


  2. Welcome home? I know sometimes it is difficult to decide where home is. Sounds ironic isn’t? But hey who said one can’t have two homes?
    Got to know now why your nickname is wintersamar 🙂
    I hate winter for so many reasons but in the past couple of years I added another reason; the gas bill 😦
    My favorite thing about the snow is the crisp fresh clean air. I love it!

    1. Yes, I guess welcome home works 🙂 Yeah, why can’t a person have 2 homes? I feel like it’s saying “I’m going to make my cake and eat it, too!” but not really 🙂

      Oh, I like the snow for about 5 minutes and then it needs to go away! I just love the white and when it’s undisturbed it’s even better.

      I know that feeling! I was lucky that my last place in the US was all utilities included! I sure turned up the heat then!

  3. 7amdillah 3assalameh! How long are you staying? You are a lot braver than I am – if I never see snow again in my life I will NOT be sad about it. YUCK. But hey, if you enjoy it then good for you!

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