Chivarly isn’t dead in Wadi Karak

I got the chance to go on a hiking trip. I have seen the events on Facebook all summer long and have wanted to go for a while. Well, I finally did!

It was an amazing trip, painful, but amazing! I got to meet some cool people and just get some awesome advice from them. All this in one trip, I know…I make use out of my time!

We met with the group at 7:30am on friday, there were about 15 of us. Some had gone before, some hadn’t. It was nice to be a part of a diverse group of people…it just makes the experience much more enjoyable.

Left around 8am and got to see some interesting sights on the way.

I was excited to reach the wadi and get started with the hike! Before we left, I was talking to a lady from Czech who lived in Germany and teaches German here, about my time in Jordan and what my next step is…I said something to the effect that I had taken this time here as an adventure and she said “When it stops being an adventure, will you be able to live with the everyday things?” That stopped me in my tracks…and has me re-thinking lots of things. I am hitting my one year mark in Jordan and it’s time to re-evaluate. It’s like a job, my one year evaluation is coming up!

We discussed the particulars of the trip before we went off…9.5 km, back and forth…we would take a break in the middle for lunch…get to see a couple of water falls..and then head back to Amman. Easy, right?

I got to meet this dude. Mr. crab and he was looking right up at me! Seriously, creepy.

This is one of the many water falls we got to encounter. Very pretty and my camera doesn’t do it justice. Or maybe just cameras in general…

I did some networking as well…which is important in my line of work.

We had a mishap on the trip as well, my cousin’s shoes fell apart, literally. One of our guides, Belel, helped put them together and made sure she got back to the bus in one piece. He was extremely patient and resourceful…We appreciated his efforts, but another hiker helped my cousin out as well…He hiked back to us and gave my cousin his right shoe..and walked back with one shoe…If that isn’t chivalrous, I don’t know what is! He also wouldn’t stop there…when we got to the bus he gave my cousin his left shoe…because she didn’t have another pair to get home in…Super nice of him.

This is what her shoes looked like at the end of the trip. Dead. Held together by shoe laces and elastic bands from my backpack.

All in all, it was an amazing trip…very tiring and trying but I would do it again. It’s also nice to see Allah’s creation and enjoy it…Getting away from the city was awesome too.

I definitely recommend one of these trips and please do check out Explore Jordan on Facebook. They were well-organized and very helpful.

Lessons learned, shoes dealt with, advice given, and fresh air enjoyed…What else could a girl ask for? (rhetorical question, please don’t answer…unless you REALLY want to :P)

Go out and enjoy what Jordan has to offer.


8 thoughts on “Chivarly isn’t dead in Wadi Karak

    1. Ehab – Thanks, it was a lot of fun and I was also happy that people were willing to help!

      Well, this trip wasn’t too physically demanding, there was some light climbing…I’m not talking about climbing high places but just rocks and boulders you have to get up. There also wasn’t swimming in this wadi but other places there was swimming. I would def. recommend this one for a first time hiker.

      Kinzi – Oh, you def. need to get out of the city! It’s fun 🙂

      Yes, she was…I agree, you can create adventures where ever you are and DRAMA! but sometimes there has to be just everyday life living kinda times as well.

  1. Fun! I was just thinking this morning I have become very Jordanian, I don’t get out of the city much to discover like I used to.

    Good for you! Wise woman, that Czech. BUT, I am convinced you can create adventure wherever you are (or drama 🙂

    1. I have been meaning to try the cycling, but just haven’t gotten around to it…Soon, I hope!

      I’m not sure about camping…but maybe. I would love to spend some time at Wadi Rum…It would be awesome.

  2. I`ve never been there! I read a blog bwt a friend who went there recently, dreamy.
    I wanna some too! 🙂

    Gr8 pics, I bet night pics would`ve been divine as well 🙂


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