What If

I’m constantly plagued by this question: “What if?”

What if I don’t move to Jordan?

What if I stay in Jordan?

What if I marry this person?

What if I don’t go to the movies?

What if I dye my hair blue?

What if I quit my job?

What if I don’t buy this shirt?

What if I don’t leave my job?

What if, What if, What if, WHAT IF!!!!!!

I hate living with the “what if’s” So, I try to avoid them as much as possible.

I have done a lot of stupid things because of this “what if” fear of mine but I don’t regret it…There are some things you can’t just “what if” away…but for the most part, I have had some good experiences because of it.

Some things can’t be changed. Some things can. Sometimes “what if” can’t be the final answers, sometimes…things just have to be left alone.

What is your “what if” moment?

12 thoughts on “What If

  1. Samar,

    The best way to put these What if’s to their end is writing them off 😉 I never had a “what if” in my life, but generally speaking, I think that trying to avoid thinking about something is inviting that thing to persist even more.

    1. Good for you! I am constantly plagued by the “What if” but once I make a decision…I tend to stick to it, for better or worse.

      Yes, writing helps…I just need to do more of it!

      1. Oh boy! I must have been really sleepy when I wrote my comment! I meant that I am good at putting a “what if” to its end before it grow up to bothersome levels =)

  2. Well, I imagine that the choice to dye your hair blue didn’t take too much consideration.

    I tend to kill off frivolous thoughts before they can become a question. Most of the time. 🙂

    1. Oh yes, it doesn’t. It was more of a joke 🙂 I would never dye my hair! Not that people would know….I’m covered but I guess that doesn’t matter what people say, it’s about what I think!

  3. U got some what if`s alright 😉 – guess what? u r normal 🙂

    I think the what if in itself is harmless; it`s what WE make out of it, no?

    We have them all the time! In different forms and formulas.

    My recent what if`s are “what if I delay my book 4 another 6 months?” / “what if we move back to Jordan next March” aaaaaand “what if we plan to have another baby soOn?”


    1. I do, and that is just the tip of the ice berg! I mean, so many “what ifs”, so little time! 😛

      Yes, what we make out of it…and how we let it go. I am usually good at just letting most things go, but others just latch on.

      Good Luck with your “what ifs”…It seems that you have your plate full 🙂

      1. Letting go is good provided it`s something u don`t really want/need in yr life,, just kinda` a whim! 🙂
        But procrastinating vital matters is not good! Sometimes we “what if” and do not execute it till it`s urgent although it IS important!


      2. Yes, I agree…but sometimes it’s hard to differentiate between what is important and what isn’t. I might think this is important but someone else might disagree…it’s about perspective, I guess.

        Yes, I would have to agree….I try not to procrastinate too much but sometimes things just slip through the cracks.

  4. If the “what if” thinking is a way to weigh your options, then why not? But you should probably have a deadline or some other way to eventually make a decision. I don’t like writing it away unless it’s something that can’t be solved or doesn’t matter for the time being. Why write it and keep it potentially hanging in your head when it can be solved once and for all?

    1. Yes, I would have to agree. I’m not good with deadlines…I’m a procrastinator…So, I would wait till the last minute…but kidding aside, I agree. It’s important to give the decision enough time and space to weigh out the options and decide. Not dwell…dwelling leads to bad things.

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