Dear John letter to Mr. Allergies

Dear Mr. Allergies,

I’m sorry to inform you that we cannot continue our relationship anymore. I can’t handle the crying, ill feelings and general discomfort that is between us. I feel like it’s time for us both to move on to bigger and better things. I have had enough of the guilt trips every time I try to leave my house, open a window or get a whiff of someones perfume or cologne. I wish you would stop coming around when you are least wanted or expected. I can’t handle all the craziness it has caused in my life. You screw up my schedule and embarrass me in meetings. I can’t handle it.

I go through boxes and boxes of tissue when I am with you and it’s just not fair to either of us anymore. I know we will both go on to do good things. I just don’t think we can do it together anymore.

It’s not you, it’s me.

Please understand and respect my decision, as it’s final.

Yours truly,



3 thoughts on “Dear John letter to Mr. Allergies

  1. Did you have allergies when you were in the US? I never had it in Jordan but here I have. Alhamdulilah, does not last long and not as bad as some of my friends. I hate allergies.

  2. Yes, my allergies started in the US…but here, there is a lot more dust. I can’t even turn on a fan because it acts up my allergies…heat + no fan = no good. My co-workers get frustrated with me because when they turn on the AC, it acts up my allergies. Alhamdullah, I’m nothing compared to my brother…He has them constantly, all year long.

    Yes, I agree…I hate them as well!

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