Role Model

Today, we had a family gathering at my grandma’s house. Everyone came, uncles, aunts, cousins, great aunts and second cousins…yeah, it was a big event…but that isn’t the story. The story is, today, I have become a role model.

My 2nd grader cousin came in and as usual, shook and kissed everyone. She came to me and after shaking my hand and kissing my cheek, she proceeded to ask me about my rings. I tend to wear 3 rings on my left hand. One on my thumb, index and middle finger. It’s something I have done for years and it’s become my trade mark, I guess. I didn’t have them on because I needed to do wudu and what not….I didn’t think anything of her question.

She is very inquisitive child and she notices things, you wouldn’t think she would notice. I pulled a bug off my cousin once and didn’t tell her what it was because I knew she would freak out, so she asked me if I didn’t tell her because she would get scared. She also asked me the other day why I wear my hijab around her dad. She just notices things and it makes me a tad worried because I think she will see things her young eyes shouldn’t have to see yet. I don’t want her to lose her childhood yet.

I digress, later on in the night…I notice that she is wearing rings the same way I do. On the exact same fingers and that is when it hit me…this little girl looks up to me and the freak out ensued! I can’t believe this girl is looks up to me, what did I do? WHY ME?!?!? Am I making the right impression?

I’m very conscious of how I act around my cousins because I realize that they are impressionable. I just hope I leave them with a good impression and not just my ring wearing style. Maybe a little independence mixed in with some sarcasm. I could create monsters 🙂


4 thoughts on “Role Model

  1. That is one smart kid. I agree with you that this is a big responsibility. But I think this girl is smart enough to know whom she should look up to. So just act normal around her =)

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