Music is my delight

Music has been my escape in Jordan. It helps me get through the tough days and it reminds me of the good times. It’s my constant companion during my car rides to and from work, usually the only time I have alone to just belt out some of my favorite tunes and probably scare some drivers. It’s a win-win, if you ask me.

Looking back in time, it seems that music has been my constant companion through various phases in my life. My taste in music has changed over the years…I remember the first time I really became interested in Music. I was around 6 or 7 and I liked the New Kids on the Block and then we moved to Jordan and I couldn’t find their tapes. So, I moved on to Mustafa Amir, backstreet boys, N’sync and of course Mariah Carrie. Destiny’s child was mixed in there as well.

When I moved back to the US at 16, I started to explore Green Day, Dashboard Confessionals, Yellow Card, Default and Duncan Sheik. I used to go to the Music store and just pick up different bands..It was a hobby back then and still is to this day, but with iTunes 🙂

My taste in music has evolved into other things including, A Fine Frenzy, Lincoln Park, Adele, The Fray, James Morrison, Justin Nozuka, Micheal Buble and Cold Play.

It changes from month to month, year to year, and sometimes day to day but no matter how much it will always be there and it will always be my escape.

What is your escape?

2 thoughts on “Music is my delight

  1. looking back on time I found being by my self is my escape
    walking long distances wheather from work when am job stressed or just riding a bus to city center and walking in sidestreets that should release some of my stress , on the other hand talking didnt help at all it rises the situation .
    and i forget my problems while am working so I really hate day-offs I really do .
    music helps but its embarrassing cos i tend to forget my self and sing along with it( I have a lousy voice ) , my kind of music is mroon5 , MJ (RIP) , BSB in my teenage days , savage garden , and the singer of my favorite song ever which is don’t speak ( i forgot the singer’s name )
    still walking is my ultimate escape .

    1. I think different people have different ways of doing things…Walking has never really been something I do when I need to escape, but reading and listening to music has. Just gotta do what is best for you!

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