Gender Relations

This is a sore topic for me because I am frustrated, annoyed, disgusted and just plain angry with the way women, men, girls and boys get treated in Jordan.

I am not generalizing, I have spoken to many people who find this frustrating as well, but what I have found is that most people just accept it and move on. Like it’s a bad accident, people this is not an accident. It’s something that has been happening for many years and doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.

Blame my western thinking or my years living in the US or the fact that I just tend to dance to the beat of my own drummer.

I hear statements all day like “You finished college and have worked, what is left for you to do?” Obviously building my career isn’t something that should be on my radar. Getting married, on the other hand, should!

“You can’t go out past 8pm, why? because you never know what will happen, what if your car breaks down?” Uhhh, I’m a girl not brain dead. Also, why do you think they invented cell phones?

“A girls reputation is more important than her education” Seriously?

“Guys are harder to raise” Why? because you control girls but guys…nah! Let them run around, do whatever, whenever they want…Now that makes sense!

I think we need to wake up and smell the mint tea because honestly….This is not going to work. What kind of generations are we raising? How will we make a difference if we still treat women and men like crap.

Maybe I just choose to be a little too straight in a society that requires you to lean a little to the left or maybe a lot.

And that is my rant.


4 thoughts on “Gender Relations

  1. I had a post about career girls in Jordan. It is a tough place to be.

    I’m an old, married foreigner and my landlord’s wife still mentions it when I come home from an event past 10pm

    1. I did not see that post, I will have to check it out.

      Kinzi, you are not old! We met at the 7iber anniversary event, and I didn’t think you were old then 🙂

      Man, I thought that people who are single get that treatment but it’s just accross the board. Sad to hear, honestly.

  2. I agree with you , stay on you path you might make a deference , truth I believe you are making a deference writing those lines , keep your chin up

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