Something inside me has been awakened. It started with a message and turned into a frenzy of activity.

I think some of the greatest ideas, movements, and periods start with something as simple as a thought, a word, an idea and it turns into something amazing. History is full of examples like this, Islam for starters. It started with one man on a hill and he had the angel, Gabrial, come down and make him recite something and it has turned into one of the fastest growing religions in the world! Fast forward to the Civil Rights movement, it started with a woman refusing to give up her seat and look where that has gotten us.

It’s akin to a fire, it only takes that one spark and the rest is history. We make history everyday, we just don’t know it.

What is your history?


4 thoughts on “History

  1. Indeed, as we go through life, a tiny bit of history is being made… I like that thought. The tiniest actions we do bear even a slight effect on the world around us.

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