Ramadan in Jordan

This is my first Ramadan in Jordan since I was 15. Ramadan has always been a special time, family gathering, food, atayif, family, food, TV shows, and did I mention food? Always enough to go around and then some.

When I moved to the US in 2001, I didn’t know what to expect for Ramadan. It was my first time actually experiencing Ramadan there. My family was very supportive. I moved with my mom, who is catholic, and lived with my mom’s brother and his family. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience with them. I remember, Ramadan fell on ThanksGiving one year and they all waited till I could break my fast to eat our thanks giving dinner. Thanks giving is a huge deal for my family 🙂 We love our turkey!

Throughout the years of living in the US, I got to experience Ramadan with different people in different places. All of those experiences have made me understand my faith a little more and understand the month.

While living in another state, I got a taste of Ramadan alone. At first, it was hard to adjust to the silence that was imposed on me but I quickly grew to cherish the moments I could break my fast alone and just enjoy a meal that I cooked.

I learned the value of having a mosque in the area. I loved being able to pray Taraweh with other people, and just feel like we were united for one prayer, in one line, praying to one god. I miss those experiences.

Ramadan in Amman is dominated by food, TV shows and laziness. I don’t feel the spirit of Ramadan anymore. I see the lights, but it looks like closer to Christmas lights than Ramadan lights. I go to the Mosque but when I leave I see the guys driving in cars with loud music on and it just ruins it.

I miss the days when there was a spirit of Ramadan, where did those times go? Or maybe they never existed and I just had a serious case of wishful thinking.

4 thoughts on “Ramadan in Jordan

  1. I can see that the spirit of Ramadan is in your heart , it wasn’t about the people around you or place you are in , in your image you perfectly drew Ramadan is Ramadan , many people take it here as a chance to purify there heart others see a high season to hangout .
    Ramadan in Jordan is better this year because you are here to share it with us .
    I think the places where you will find a real spirit is in Makkah and Madina , Just looking at the ka’abah is life changing experience .

    God bless you Samar

  2. I miss you dearly this Ramadan. I miss our amazing Iftars at my house and I miss going to taraweeh with you next to me. I was going through last years pics from Ramadan and I came across one with you and Layla breaking your fast. Come back to us soon!! Love you

    1. I miss you too! Ramadan is not the same without you…Haha, our iftars…good times! I plan on coming, maybe around the big eid time! I can combine it with my vacation time and make it a nice long trip! Or I could just move back and be unemployed! 😀 We shall see!

      Love ya too!

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