I have decided to start a new blog, in a new place and new objective. I moved back to Jordan about 9 months ago. I had been living in the US for a good 8 years and decided I needed a change. I graduated college, worked, experienced new things and gained some wisdom along the way. I thought, why not? I’m young, single and nothing is keeping me here.

Moving to Jordan is an adventure, that is what I told all my family and friends in the US…I can always move back, if it doesn’t work out. I think they are holding out on me moving back.

I have been here 9 months and it truly has been an adventure. From dealing with government officials to trying to navigate the streets of Amman.

I have laughed, cried, screamed and did some more crying! I find that I miss my family and friends back in the US like crazy. I miss the support I had from them. I miss being able to call my mom up and ask her how to cook something, calling my best friend up freaking out over a new movie we just have to watch together, going to the local pool hall to be schooled by a good friend or just sitting in my apartment with a good book.

Here, I get to see my family everyday…we joke, eat together and joke some more. I have met some truly amazing people doing amazing work and get to rediscover my culture, faith and heritage.

It’s an adventure, right?

6 thoughts on “Adventure

  1. I like you attitude about living in Amman and the way you described how you lived in the US , wish you good look in whatever you are seeking .
    Life it self is an adventure , in you case is a exciting one
    again wish you good luck

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