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How to stay together forever


This post was going around facebook a couple of weeks ago. 




old couple

It’s sweet really. I think older couples have a lot of wisdom to give but that isn’t what caught my eye. It was the comments following the post. Some were legitimate, like abuse but others were just excuses. We live in a different time, we don’t have the same ideals, we don’t have the same societal restrictions. I understand that everyone has their reasons for getting a divorce or staying together but relationships are hard work. Whether they are friendships, family or marriage. It takes time and effort to build these things and they shouldn’t be taken lightly. 

It’s sometimes easier to just take the easy way out than try to work things out. Now, sometimes the easy way out is to stay together and just be unhappy. I have seen many couples fall into that trap but sometimes you just need a little hard work. Is there a universal answer as to how to make a marriage work? I don’t think so because every marriage is different. Can we gain insight from other people? Of course. Do I have all the answers? No, but I sure am learning. 

What do you think? 



I have heard this word a lot lately from various women I know. It seemed like a common thread among them. A sort of code for something bigger and scarier than they wanted to admit.

I dislike the word, no dislike is too nice. I despise the word. I feel like it’s a way to lower your value. Make it seem like what you are doing is okay because “Hey, I’m a coward”. I wonder where they got it from. Why do we just live our lives with this idea that being a coward is okay? Why do women feel like they can’t “handle” certain things or does it make them more appealing to men?

I get their fears, I really do but why do we let fears rule our lives? Why can’t we empower ourselves and not look for someone to empower us? Why do we raise our daughters to be self proclaimed “Cowards” instead of teaching them to be leaders, heros, and just strong women.

We need more strong women and not women who are comfortable with the label of “coward”.

Yet, I know many strong women and I’m proud to know them. I just wish there were more. History is full of amazing women, even Islamic history.

People out there, help our daughters, wives, sisters, friends and family members change the word coward to strong. Let’s see where that takes us.

This isn’t a love story.


It’s a story non-the-less but it isn’t your typical love story. 

That is the line in my head. I don’t know why it is stuck there but it sure is. I have been reading a lot of entries on love InshAllah‘s website lately and I guess I just wanted to discuss it. Share with someone what I have read, learned and been enlightened by. This last post has caught my eye, my mind and my heart. It resonates with me on a very deep level. I felt what the writer felt and I shared her fears. 

I know where she is coming from and I know where it ends. It makes me realize that this just doesn’t happen to me. Other people have been through this, feel this and understand this. This isn’t a story that is unique to me and my family but people across the world have experienced it. 

And the amazing part is, we all have survived. We made it through and created our own stories, families and lives. It’s amazing how resilient a person can be. 

Times are changing


There has been so much going on lately that all I want to do is write about it but I can’t seem to find the words to express all that has been bubbling inside my head. So, I decided to bite the bullet (where did that phrase come from?) and just get it all out. So, here is to getting it all out.

Well, first I should state the exciting news…I’m pregnant! I’m going to be a mom come November and I’m a little scared in a good way. This little person is growing, kicking, causing all kinds of new feelings and pains and I just can’t wait to meet the little one.  It’s a new chapter in our lives and I’m trying to enjoy every moment of it.

Second, Ramadan is over and so is Eid. I can’t seem to feel the excitement I used to for Eid. I was excited about my pretty pretty new dress…which has been it’s name since I bought it (btw) but then it ended there. I do enjoy my family coming over to visit but it just isn’t the same as when you are a kid. Growing up is no fun! 

Third, has anyone watched the news lately? I mean, what is going on in this world…So much stuff and so little time to follow it all. Not only that, but no one knows what the real story is. The trend that I am seeing is that Islam = bad. I just wish people could see the beauty of this religion and appreciate it not drudge up the same old tired tidbits that are based on half truths. 

One thing is for sure, people all over the world are suffering. And that is a fact. 

28 years and counting


I have recently turned 28. Yep, I’m getting older and closer to 30 (Yikes!) I’m not sure what scares me more…the fact that 30 is so near or that I don’t feel like I accomplished all that I wanted before 30. 

But in birthday tradition (a little late this year). I want to share 28 things I am thankful for. 

1. Allah 

2. Mr. Chemistry

3. Viber

4. Friends

5. Summer time

6. my home

7. My family

8. baking

9. my computer

10. being strong

11. laughter

12. stories

13. my kindle

14. books

15. Memories

16. Photography

17. My students

18. Beautiful Jordan

19. America

20. Air Planes

21. Tears

22. the world wide web

23. Ice cream

24. love

25. Jokes

26. the future ahead

27. Movies

28. the ability to laugh at myself

This list has changed over the years. I’m not the same person I was last year or the year before…but some things haven’t changed. Check out the old birthday posts, here, and here

Bring on the 28! 

What are we teaching our kids?


This question has been popping up a lot lately. “What are we teaching our kids?” I have been noticing that I have had a lot of issues with my kids lately.

I have had kids repeating what their parents are saying but not only that using threats to get their way which makes you wonder what is being said at home.

but it’s not just something I see at school, in other places as well.

Today, Mr. Chemistry and I were out to lunch and in came a mother, 2 boys and their maid (I mean, come on…she has 2 kids!) Anyways, they sit down…order and the mom gets a phone call. She says something to the lady on the line about coming to her house…or something (yes, I was eavesdropping) and then gets up, goes to her car and drives off. Doesn’t say anything to the maid, waiter or the kids. Just. leaves. without. the. kids. LEAVES! 

but the thing that kills me the most was the kids didn’t even notice. It’s like who cares? She left? The kids were young, too. I would say between 7 and 10. I just can’t imagine ever leaving my children in a restaurant without saying a word to the staff or the help or just LEAVING them. Period. 

What is this mother teaching her children? Mommy doesn’t care? She has more important things to do? Why would we want to teach our children that?


I wish I knew. 

Having children is a privilege not a right, a gift from Allah that not everyone is blessed with and like all gifts they should be cared for, treated with respect and above all we should thank Allah for giving us this gift, not throwing it away. I hope I never forget that.